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Welcome to Dundee Deco!

Welcome to Dundee Deco!

Our specialization lies within our beautifully crafted tiles that are currently illuminating the walls of residential and commercial spaces of our esteemed clients. We are specialized in providing custom 3D wallpapers and wall panels. Over the past years, we have recreated different interior spaces for our clients and given the spaces aesthetic look just how it was imagined by them. We have worked on custom tiling replication from different ancient castles and provided the best work for one of our clients. We have produced faux tin tile replicas of the original masterpieces. Nothing is impossible for us because we believe we can achieve everything with a little bit of creativity! 

Residential and Commercial Custom Wallpapers and Wall Panels

If you want a wide range of selections, Dundee Decor has the best to offer you! Our range of custom wallpaper and wall panels are carefully crafted to meet the taste and requirements of every individual. Starting from classic and vintage designs to contemporary and aesthetic, we have everything in the store for you, so that you can find exactly what you were looking for. Our products are ideal for both commercial and residential interior design purposes. Get in touch with us and turn your dream commercial or residential space into a reality. 

Top-quality materials for the best execution

Our wall panels and wallpapers are made of high-quality materials like vinyl, PVC and styrofoam.

The materials we use are not just eco-friendly but durable in the long run as well.

Tell us what you prefer: contemporary, vintage or aesthetic because we are here to cater to different styles and preferences. We are a team of reliable interior designers who are devoted to providing all our clients with professional and reliable services. 

Our highly experienced customer service is always ready to resolve any issue that you might face.

No matter what size business you’re running or what your product is, our talented team can help take it nationwide and even internationally if needed!

Our services

Home decorations: Your home defines your living standard and your lifestyle. Make sure the interior of your home looks absolutely extraordinary. Browse through our gallery and tell us how you want your home interior to look.  

Office decorations: Give your office space an exceptional look with our 3D wallpapers and make your work environment even more productive and eye-catchy! 

Restaurant Decorations: Stay ahead of your competitors and leave a positive impression on your customers with excellent wallpapers customized for your restaurant.

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