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Outlet Beige Brown Stone Look Wall Paneling, Styrofoam Facing, Single Panel, Covers 5.4 sq ft


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  • REAL 3D Brick Stone Look - Made of high-quality EPS material, this wall panel provides a REALISTIC FEEL at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to it's surface structure, you do not feel the artificial effect of applying Dundee Deco wall tiles. Whether brick, rock, or stone look, the cladding of the wall panels is always elegant and durable.
  • PERFECT SIZE AND DESIGN - Dundee Deco panels are 39.4 in (100 cm) in length and 19.7 in (50 cm) in height with thicknesses of 0.8 in (2 cm). The outlet decorative 3D Wall Panels are available as singles and cover 5.4 square feet. One board weighs 3.3 lbs (1.5 Kg).
  • USE IT ANYWHERE - This 3D Wall Panel is designed for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use and can easily be applied to ANY SURFACE, whether painted or non-painted. The panels can be used in moist environment because of insulation properties of their material. It provides thermal and moisture insulation and does not change shape over time.
  • DIY FRIENDLY - You can apply your walls and ceilings with Dundee Deco Styrofoam 3D wall panels without professional help. You can simply apply it with construction glue, no other special tools are required.
  • EXCELLENT HEAT AND SOUND INSULATION - Dundee Deco 3D wall panel facing bricks also offer a variety of decorative combinations and fit into almost any ambiance. The styrofoam wall panels are suitable for homes, businesses, cafes, hotels, offices, exhibition stands, restaurants, and decorating showcases.

Welcome to Dundee Deco Outlet.


Here we offer super low prices on slightly damaged, but usable panels. Some of these panels are as new or have minor optical defects. These are always original panels. Here is a good chance to renovate your walls in hidden places.

NOTE: Outlet Panels cannot be returned.

There may be a 10% tone difference with outlet panels as they are left over from the panels made at different times.

We ask that you place an order with this warning in mind.

Damaged product images in the outlet gallery are examples only. The model you choose in the main picture will be sent to you.

You can use our panels for residential and commercial decoration. The application landscape includes homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, exhibition stands, offices, shops, and showcase decorations. The Dundee Deco Styrofoam Wall Panels can be installed without professional help. You can do it yourself. The structure and characteristics of our panels add value to any construction project by preventing moisture and providing thermal insulation. The Dundee Deco panels do not deform over time, are water-resistant and impact-resistant, non-flammable, and are 100% environmentally friendly. The products can be used for Interior and Exterior applications. For exterior applications, please use water-based varnish.


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