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Pros and Cons of PVC Ceiling Tiles

Pros and cons of pvc ceiling tiles

Many homeowners who wish to revamp their ceilings look into a variety of ceiling options available in the market, and many come across different styles of PVC ceiling tiles.

If you have encountered PVC tiles for sale and are wondering if purchasing this ceiling type is worth it, keep on reading to discover the pros and cons that PVC ceiling tiles present.

Pros of PVC Ceiling Tiles


1. PVC Tiles Are Very Affordable

When you decide to purchase PVC tiles, remember that they are better options compared to other ceiling types – such as wood or fibreglass ceilings, POP ceilings or gypsum ceilings.

PVC tiles are practical and very affordable.

2. Ceiling Tiles of PVC Material Are Durable

Usually, PVC material in itself is highly durable – and it wouldn’t be different with this ceiling alternative. PVC ceiling tiles can last for more than ten years with little to no maintenance.

This durability works thanks to a tough coating that prevents corrosion or potential dents or scratches from damaging the ceiling.

3. You Can Easily Maintain PVC Tiles

With PVC tiles, it is difficult for dust and debris to cling along the panels – so only a humid cloth does the trick of cleaning the ceiling through roughly. Besides, it is nearly impossible for scratches or dents to damage this type of ceiling tile due to its resistant finish coating.

Thanks to this easy maintenance, PVC tiles will certainly not take that much effort and time for you to clean them whenever you deem necessary.

4. PVC Tiles Are Waterproof

One of the most significant advantages of PVC ceiling tiles is that their protective coating makes these tiles waterproof.

A waterproof ceiling makes the cleaning and wiping work much more accessible – especially after a leak happens in your roof. With PVC tiles, it is much more difficult for mould to form. And these tiles do not rot so easily either! You simply have to wipe the leaking water away, and your tile remains as good as new.

5. Easy Installation

In order to install PVC ceiling tiles, it is important that you first level your ceiling in order to avoid any bumps. Then, measure your ceiling and plan how you would like your PVC tile layout to be.

You can go ahead and cut your tiles, tape them with adhesive and install them in the ceiling, installing their joint strips after – if they have any. After that, you can add any necessary finishing touches and then clean up your tiles from any remaining dust.

6. Versatile Designs

PVC ceiling tiles come in a wide variety of designs, colours and themes to match your house’s aesthetic. You can pick and choose from historical designs, Victorian-style designs, or completely modern geometric forms.

PVC panels are easy to customize and even paint – which makes it easy if you wish to change some details within a design you just purchased.

Our Collection of PVC Ceiling Tiles

Cons of PVC Ceiling Tiles

Fortunately, PVC ceiling tiles do not have a few cons that will heavily measure against the pros. Some people disapprove of PVC since this ceiling tile might look as if it is cheap plastic. This is because many PVC tiles have a shiny effect – therefore, the solution is to look for tiles with a more textured, matte finish.

Another disadvantage is related to extreme temperatures. While PVC ceiling tiles are waterproof, they are not fire-rated ceilings; therefore, they may warp under solid heat. However, this should not be a reason for worrying – as long as you keep your house cool and ventilated, your PVC tiles can last for a long time.

You should also be aware that PVC releases a chemical into the air with traces of chlorine. PVC tiles can also release phthalates gas over time. Therefore, be careful when installing your PVC ceilings on kitchens or patio ceilings.

Contact Dundee Deco for All of Your PVC Ceiling Tile Demands

Dundee Deco has a beautiful catalogue of PVC ceiling tiles available for you to see. Our PVC ceiling tiles are affordable, durable, and of straightforward maintenance, aside from having great design features for you to choose from.

If you wish to purchase PVC tiles with us at Dundee Deco or if you have any questions, call us at 1-877-243-3267 today!


Does the PVC ceiling get damaged by water?

No – they are entirely waterproof.

What is the life of a PVC ceiling?

Good quality PVC ceilings can last for more than ten years with little maintenance.

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